"…… Shen Fei, hail from Malaysia, will couple their invaluable local understanding with British design excellence to support our expanding and diverse portfolio in the country…."

Simon Bee, Global Design, Benoy, SLEEPER MAGAZINE

"Shen has designed more than 70 projects, ranging from furniture to 42-storey buildings. Shen also lectures in Architectural Design to over 2,000 students at local universities."

British Council, Malaysia

(translated) “The school's multi-activity center has a unique design. The overall layout is based on nature. It provides students with ideal learning and sports venues. This center will help the school implement a multi-teaching of "student-centric and learning from activities."

Steven Yow, Chairman of the Board of SMJK Poi Lam, Newspaper Extract

"Thank you for submitting on time…… your speed and commitment in delivering to meet deadline."

Joseph Tan, Managing Director of Chek Hup, PCCCI Treasurer

"As I always said you are amazing (team) in term of work and attitude…… always whenever we need something within short notice. Thank you again."

Kumar Kundan, Operation Manager, MBO Cinemas

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Outdoor Multipurpose Hall, SMJK Poi Lam Ipoh


Outdoor Multipurpose Hall, SMJK Poi Lam Ipoh

The design commenced with the School Board’s intent to create an engaging roof for the existing roofless Bastketball Courts for SMJK Poi Lam. A new roof for the Poi Lam students to play sports under shelter and under shed. 

Against the backdrop of typical conventional factory roof and the existing 5 storey academic building, Fei Architect feels the need to introduce excitement within the campus by conceiving a curvature design, of functional, practical and within the budget roof over. Hence, they have considered with a number of structure type for curvature. Tensegrity structure, friction lock, and reciprocal structure.

The biggest challenge is to keep the construction budget lower than the typical conventional factory roof.  We designed on the concept of modular system, which allow a single element of mass production of a basic modular structure, through its variety of angle and placement, to create variety of structure and curvature. This allows cost saving while fulfilling the brief by School Board. 

Varied size & differing coloured roofing sheets supported by steel trusted arches, the “roof over” design contrasts with the warm monotone of the existing academic block. Roofing in flaps & gaps arrangement cross ventilates and allows air flow inwards into the interiors of the court. It is intended to bring movement and fluidity into the court.

With the structural design by Ir. Ma Wee Lee and Wong Cai Ching, different sizes of purlins, rafters, battens and connecting rods connect the colourful metal roof to the arches. Tetrabuild Engineering Sdn. Bhd., as the main contractor was able to complete the organic design under budget. The roof not only allows for multipurpose activities or acting as a student activity hall, it is also served with international standard sizes of basketball, volleyball, handball courts, providing a good stage for training the next generation of athletes in the Campus of SMJK Poi Lam.

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